Sunday, March 21, 2010


Well I have to say that 50 people on the first night is great!!! and truly appreciated!

Today was weird...I spent the whole day my jammies sans makeup chilling with the Ruby dog. I probably come off as the type of person that needs constant attention or to be surrounded by other people. But the truth is..I actually really like to be alone.
Any of my close friends will tell you that I'm horrible for answering my cell phone..or even the home one as well. There are times when I just want to shut the world out and just be alone.
And its not that I don't want to talk to whoever it may be on the other end.....its just that I simply don't want to talk at all.
Im told this is because I'm Pisces and we are often known for our sensitive nature and often dream like reality.
Ive said it before....and was not kidding...I can honestly cry at anything..I'm that sensitive. It seems to me that on days like this I need to just have a good cry and re-charge. I used to be ashamed to admit that I cried a lot. But I'm not anymore. Im glad that I can cry and that there are times when I just cant hold it in. It would be horrible to not release it.
Im going to bed..Gym first thing tomorrow morning...xoxoTeresa


  1. Wow freakish I am totally the same with the whole wanting to be alone sometimes thing. Im realllly bad about answering my phone too just cause like you said its not cause i dont want to talk to my friends i just dont feel like talking period. Anyways just thought I would throw that out there cause not many people understand me in that way or can identify. Have a good night with precious little ruby :) and a good work out in the morning !
    <3 lauren

  2. Thanks for sharing, Tersa. Nothing wrong with letting things out by crying. I found that effective myself :-) So glad you start blogging again

  3. Reading this I was freaking out. Not only am I always bitched at for not answering the phone, but I never answer the door either. When you said you were a pisces it all became clear. I am a pisces too! <>< I love astrology and believe in the characteristics. Pisces are very sensitive, adaptable, BLUNT (it comes more and more with day dreamy, and a lot of the time we are empaths. I am a total empath and have been told by several people. I tend to pick up everybody's emotions around me. I can be in the best mood ever and then pass by a group of people and if just one of them is in a bad mood...then BAM...I am too. I can look at a person and feel how they feel. Anyways...enough with this novel already. I just want to thank you for being such an inspiration on youtube. I started my own channel this past month and I'm having a blast with it so far! Night night!

  4. I am a lot like that too. I think it's a matter of energy for me, I don't have the energy to be around or be talking to people all the time. I cry a lot to o, at pretty much anything. My grandmother says it's because my tear ducts are too close to my heart. I think she may be right.

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