Tuesday, March 30, 2010

As I was making my coffee this morning I started to think about how I often contradict myself. Like for an example, I remember a few months ago on a Blog T.V I said I never drink those Fat Free French Vanilla Creamers because even though they are fat free they are still so bad for you. And instead I use Steavia. But today here I am pouring Fat Free French Vanilla Creamer into my Coffee.
BTW I'm drinking it as I type this out and its delish!

And Ive done this a million times with food as well. I can hear myself saying "I only eat Organic" or several years ago "carbs are the enemy" and trying to convince people that my way was the only way and then eventually not even following through with it myself.

So dont ask me how...but I'm sure all of you have witnessed how my mind can travel from point A to Z faster then the speed of light(other times thanks to my seizure medication slower then molasses) It got me thinking about Clogs...Yes you read right Clogs.

I dont care that Gucci and Louis and Louboutin and everyone else under the sun is making them. Clogs are something That I bought JuicyWednesdays mom last time I was is Holland to hang on her wall. I feel like they are UGLY. And the toe shape on most of them is just so off. They look heavy and ultra unfeminine. They cut off your leg in the wrong spot. They just look like they would make peoples feet smell bad.

But then I think back to years ago when when pointy toed shoes came in style. I can totally remember walking into Aldo and seeing them for the first time and literally going WTF are those!!!! "they look like witch shoes" I thought they were so ugly I could not wrap my head around how anyone would possibly want to wear them. I definitely could not imagine myself buying a pair!
So the thing is, I now own...to many pairs to go count...but my question is ....

Does fashion styles eventually wear us down? and do we just follow the trend? or do we see something enough that we actually learn to like it?
I know for me with the Pointy toed shoes, even though I hated them so much, I could now not live without them...so maybe we just change over time?
Does this mean I'm going to eventually like Clogs?....God I hope not
And if you see me with a pair of Clogs in a Haul...well like I said...I'm just full of contradictions....

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Well I have to say that 50 people on the first night is great!!! and truly appreciated!

Today was weird...I spent the whole day alone..in my jammies sans makeup chilling with the Ruby dog. I probably come off as the type of person that needs constant attention or to be surrounded by other people. But the truth is..I actually really like to be alone.
Any of my close friends will tell you that I'm horrible for answering my cell phone..or even the home one as well. There are times when I just want to shut the world out and just be alone.
And its not that I don't want to talk to whoever it may be on the other end.....its just that I simply don't want to talk at all.
Im told this is because I'm Pisces and we are often known for our sensitive nature and often dream like reality.
Ive said it before....and was not kidding...I can honestly cry at anything..I'm that sensitive. It seems to me that on days like this I need to just have a good cry and re-charge. I used to be ashamed to admit that I cried a lot. But I'm not anymore. Im glad that I can cry and that there are times when I just cant hold it in. It would be horrible to not release it.
Im going to bed..Gym first thing tomorrow morning...xoxoTeresa

ok so maybe ill start using this thing...

When I first started this blog, I don't think that anyone was actually following me on youtube. And then when people did take notice of me, I think I was so excited about that I forgot all about the blog! Sometimes though..You don't really feel like doing a video..but you do feel like connecting with everyone. So here's to round two!!!

Like my youtube, there will be no set rules for what I will be posting on here. You can be sure that I will be pulling out some old pictures in the near future though and also will be bringing you guys along with me while I take pictures of the things that are going on with me now!!!
I think it will be easier for me to load pictures on here then onto the videos with windows movie maker!

I'm actually really excited!!
So im going to go ahead and post a link on twitter and hope and pray that I get some followers, lol