Tuesday, March 30, 2010

As I was making my coffee this morning I started to think about how I often contradict myself. Like for an example, I remember a few months ago on a Blog T.V I said I never drink those Fat Free French Vanilla Creamers because even though they are fat free they are still so bad for you. And instead I use Steavia. But today here I am pouring Fat Free French Vanilla Creamer into my Coffee.
BTW I'm drinking it as I type this out and its delish!

And Ive done this a million times with food as well. I can hear myself saying "I only eat Organic" or several years ago "carbs are the enemy" and trying to convince people that my way was the only way and then eventually not even following through with it myself.

So dont ask me how...but I'm sure all of you have witnessed how my mind can travel from point A to Z faster then the speed of light(other times thanks to my seizure medication slower then molasses) It got me thinking about Clogs...Yes you read right Clogs.

I dont care that Gucci and Louis and Louboutin and everyone else under the sun is making them. Clogs are something That I bought JuicyWednesdays mom last time I was is Holland to hang on her wall. I feel like they are UGLY. And the toe shape on most of them is just so off. They look heavy and ultra unfeminine. They cut off your leg in the wrong spot. They just look like they would make peoples feet smell bad.

But then I think back to years ago when when pointy toed shoes came in style. I can totally remember walking into Aldo and seeing them for the first time and literally going WTF are those!!!! "they look like witch shoes" I thought they were so ugly I could not wrap my head around how anyone would possibly want to wear them. I definitely could not imagine myself buying a pair!
So the thing is, I now own...to many pairs to go count...but my question is ....

Does fashion styles eventually wear us down? and do we just follow the trend? or do we see something enough that we actually learn to like it?
I know for me with the Pointy toed shoes, even though I hated them so much, I could now not live without them...so maybe we just change over time?
Does this mean I'm going to eventually like Clogs?....God I hope not
And if you see me with a pair of Clogs in a Haul...well like I said...I'm just full of contradictions....


  1. I remember years ago when skinny jeans were coming in and I just thought WTF no way will I ever wear them now I rarely wear any other type of jean.I have to say I like clogs now! And pastels! which are both things I've never liked... I don't know what it is but shops and labels must be really clever if they can just make people think somethings cute just by putting it everywhere. I guess trends are also just a way of giving people an oppurtunity to wear something usually a bit weird and for it to be 'cool'.It kind of brings out the clog loving girl you never thought you had in you.I agree with you on the contradicting thing - I always speak too soon. X

  2. I know exactly what you mean here, 'coz there seems to be so much stuff I have turned my nose up at, but weeks later, actually finding myself at the store counter buying them !! For Example...High Waisted trousers/Skirts...When They first came back into fashion I was like omg they are butt ugly, but now I think they look gorgeous - what else could it be? lol...Great Post !! xxx

  3. Oh my gosh, fashion TOTALLY wears us down...for me it's been those tunic/long sweater type shirts, skinny jeans, and uggs (which some people wouldn't even call fashion, but whatever). I remember when skinny jeans first got popular and I was like, "Are you kidding me? Hideous. Why would anyone ever think about wearing those?" Well...yeah, I jumped on the bandwagon. Same with everything else. But clogs, I mean I just don't know. I wore them years ago in middle school, and I really just don't want to revisit the fashion of those times. Seriously. But I'm betting you could totally rock 'em!

  4. Well Juicy there’ re the fashion leaders and fashions followers. Fashion trendsetters like myself take pride in our unique fashion abilities. Although we are usually judged and scrutinized much like your initial distaste for the pointed shoe. BTW the shoes still look like witches shoes. But many are comfortable conforming and blending in with the masses. While “me” “us” trendsetters shutter at the idea of blending in or being another assembly line replica.
    BTW Chanel has a HOT CLOG, if sported with a hot straight leg jean you may find it appealing. Maybe one day you can Vlog about it.

  5. "People dont know what they want to wear until you tell them."-(Tom Ford former designer for Gucci.)

  6. But are you a trendsetter..or did you just see the fashion show first? That's my question? You say Chanel has a "HOT CLOG"..but what makes it hot? And how are YOU the trendsetter if its on all the major runways?
    and I agree...they are witch shoes!

  7. hey ya dollface! i think once your anti-clog you're pretty much set for eternity... so you're in the clear! xox

    excellent post!

  8. Juicy I think you are misunderstanding or I wasn’t clear. I am a trendsetter that is not to be debated. Regarding the clogs sweetie I never said I started them or care to wear them. I was giving you a suggestion as to a clog that might be suitable or to your liking dear.

  9. Girls Best Friend,
    Why are you calling me "Dear" and trying to sound condescending? It is you reading my post not the other way around. And honestly, Im happy for you that you are a Fashion trendsetter! Why would I not be? I say good for you! I follow the trends..so where would I be without you? Why does everything have to be so negative? Where is kindness gone? This blog is not going to be a place of drama. So play nice. xoxoT

  10. I've seen your videos love and I understand the paranoia. It need not be. i am not hostile or negative I am attempting to give my point of view. Which is different from yours. I would think you would appreicate but apparently I am mistaken. btw what is the issue with me referring to you as Dear? Its a term of endearment love. Anywho! My business is "Girl Best Friend" the core is to bring women together. But we tend to have this caddy paranoia. Anywho love I will keep my opinion to myself.

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  12. I love clogs! :) haha I was gonna post it next on my blog. Love it Teresa keep it up.
    Nina XO

  13. I use Stevia too and Love it..just blog'd about it actually :)

  14. Haha you crack me up! I loveee watching your videos and reading your blogs! Your so honest, and that's why I trust you more then any of the other "Gurus". I'm mentioning you in my next post on my new fashion blog about how I love your beauty tips, and tutorials! (:

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  17. I hated clogs the last time they were in. I think I was in high school. But this time I kinda want a pair, but a comfy flat pair, not a high heeled pair because I can't walk in heels not matter how hard I try, it's just too much pain

  18. oh teresa,i amsooo withcha! i agree with clogs! lol..however i think theyre cute on little girls. like my daughters 5 and had a brown pair that were ador5able with stretches and a cute sweater! lol..and as for the whole do we follow trends or do we learn to love stuff... im not sure,cause i used to HATE uggs. hate hate hate em. i thought they were space shoes times ugly to the 5th power! now i love em! so ..go figure!

  19. My Father always says to people about me "She used to be indecisive now she just can't make up her mind"!!! I contradict myself all the time!!

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  20. I agree with you so much! My example of this is.. When uggs first started being in fashion I hated them, I used to say it was short for 'UGGLY' (bad pun I know) and they were gross. But now, come wintertime they are my go-to shoes. So comfy and I've grown to love mine! I think fashion DOES wear us down to a point.
    Sarah xx